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Conversación Entre xkamechan y YuiChaan

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  1. I love your signature Come on girl!
    Actually, ppl here miss you! I do TwT Also, the ss LMAO
    We're waiting 4 you~ Cassie
  2. Yui ♥ I'm not really "back", just wanted to see what's new heh :3
    WB! You are here again ;o;
  4. Cassy I didnt forget u<3 I miss your pics too, LMAO.
    Hope to see u in Audi some day -w-
    I dont usually play Aud, but im still your friend D:< Rly?
    Hug n Kisses! XOXOXO
  5. Yui yuii ~ *u*
    Haha, aww ~ belated Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    I hope you had a great Christmas & new year too c:

    Happy 2014!
    Kissu ~
  6. Feliz Navidad & Año Nuevo Atrasado <333 Más vale tarde que nunca ;w;
    Ojalá la hayas pasado re guay *Q* Cassyyyyyy ♥
  7. You're welcome *-*
    Uhaha x3 aww yeah, your pics are cute ~
    but i wish i could've took more :c The camera
    didn't give me that many close ups ;~; Haha awwe,
    another day, we'll take more of you!
    When Cami
    uploads her photos of you, then you will have more (^-^)/

    You chu~! xoxo<3
    Si supiera otro idioma te lo diría, hahahaha
    The pics are so cuteeeee. And of course, I look setsi *Q* as u.
    Wanna play with u again! Lots of hugs and kisses 4 u ....
    Dw, there are lots of pictures *.* BUT NOT ENOUGH!
    I want more and more O,-----,O
    Like thousand of pics, hahahah just kidding!
    CYACYACYA, Take care XOXO
  9. Esperando que cuelgan las SS .............
    Super archi geniaaaaaal momento con ustedes.
    Gracias por las fotos♥ o,---,o
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