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Conversación Entre JochiCoffe y Malaleche11

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  1. No, they ain't gonna understand it
    Understand what I see in you~♫
  2. i used to be cautious
    A little to reckless ♪♫
  3. Qué paso bb :(
  4. I ain't talking money, I'm just physically obsessed
    And I'm greedy, so greedy♥
  5. Don't want to deny it anymore ♪♫
    Been in this state of mind ♪♫♪
    ohohohoh aw aw ♪♫♪
    Baby you got lucky cause you're rocking with the best ♪♫♪
  6. I know that I’m coming tonight
    You know I’m coming tonight~
  7. i'm making it obvious by knockin at your door ♪♫ :P
  8. GREEDY♥♥♥
    U know that I'm greedy for love~
  9. Que tengas muy buen fin de semana Henry :)
  10. La divaza te deja un huella de la suerte ♥
    Ten un buen fin de semana.
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